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The first step in outdoor living is the step out of your home onto the patio. Our patios are designed to integrate seamlessly with your property to make that first step outside a pleasant experience every time. Since your patio will be the visual foundation of your outdoor living area, the design of your patio is vital and needs to be carefully considered at the front end of the creative process.

A few things to think about when planning your patio:

First, consider what size your new patio should be. Is it going to be a space for you and your family, or do you plan to host larger gatherings? Think about how many people will regularly use your outdoor space and plan accordingly. It is also helpful to consider existing outdoor furniture or plan to buy. What size patio will give you enough space for your table and room to walk around comfortably?

Next, think about the outline. Do you like circles, curves, or straight lines? Or even straight sides with rounded corners or just one curved side? Also, consider what shape will flow nicely with your home and property. You may have existing outdoor features you want to compliment or a particular personal style that you’ll want to stay consistent. Using your garden hose to try different ideas and layouts for your patio outline can benefit you.

Now consider your material options, such as pavers, brick, flagstone, and decorative gravel. All of these come in a variety of sizes and colors. You can even choose one material for the central patio and another for your patio border. It helps to look at photos online, such as on, to see the different options and determine what decks and materials most appeal to you. Be sure to save pictures of the outdoor spaces and materials you most like so that we may look at them together!

backyard patio renovations, Backyard Renovations
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backyard patio renovations, Backyard Renovations

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Depending on the material, you may need to consider your installation options, such as dry-laid or set-in mortar. Some materials can be installed either way correctly, and we will help you determine the ideal installation method for your material and property.

The last step is to think about additional elements you would like to have near your patios, such as a pathway or fire feature. You may even want a seat wall along the border or a pergola for added shade. This is the time to think of ways to increase privacy, which can be accomplished by planning appropriate landscaping, a trellis or privacy wall, or strategically placing a fireplace. 


Walls must be carefully designed and built to be structurally sound and functional, but we believe they should be beautiful. After all, when constructed correctly, your stone, brick, or block wall could very well outlast your home. So don’t just “build a wall.” Make a feature out of it. We offer the most reliable retaining wall services.

We have extensive training and experience constructing the following types of Hardscapes:

  • Gas & Wood Fireplaces
  • Firepits
  • Fire Tables
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Masonry Block Walls, With Stone Veneer and Caps
  • Concrete Driveways & Concrete Overlay

 Our team is ready to assist with planning your design, choosing materials that will complement your property, and constructing an enduring wall to function as desired while also adding enduring beauty to your landscape. Let’s get started!

Custom fireplace installation near me/Outdoor fireplace/Gas fireplace/wood fireplace

Five stars doesn’t do justice to how thrilled we are with our new stone fireplace. The workmanship is outstanding and was done with care and attention to detail. Thank you!


2 months ago

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